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Auto Attendant Menus (IVRs)


  • Help direct your incomming calls to the right location using voice responce menus

  • Upload your own HD recordings MP3/WAV

  • Record/update greeting directly using phone. 


CloudPBX includes a complete list of IP-PBX features, many of which are missing from other IP-PBX platforms. Beyound the extensive features list, custom feature enhacements and developement are welcome on the CloudPBX platform. Please contact us if you'd like to see a new feature added!  

Conference Rooms
Call Transfer Attended
Local Extension Calling
Call Transfer Blind
Name & Number
Music On Hold
Music On Hold
Presense for Call Parking
Presence &
Busy Lamp Fields
Call Parking
Visual Voicemail
to Email
Send & Receive
Fax to Email
Hot Desking
Time of Day Routing
Sequential Ringing
Simultanious Ringing
Call Parking
Shared Call Hold
Shared Line Appearance
Multiple Offices & Home Offices
Local Language Support
Call History with Searching
Call Recording & Archiving
Remote Call Pickup
Multiple Devices
Dynamic JSON Apps
Dynamic XML Apps (TwiML)


  • Use your SIP phone's CONF button to add a 2nd caller to your existing call

  • Connect local and remote parties

  • JOIN callers and leave their conversation intact when no longer wanting to participate


  • Host your own conference bridge

  • Include as many callers are you have extensions in your account

  • Host large conferneces with burstable lines


  • Add multiple users to a single call route

  • Add multiple devices to a single call route

  • Mix and match users and devices

  • Use simultaneous or sequencial ring styles


  • Place any call on hold using your SIP phone's HOLD button

  • Place mutiple calls on hold on different lines keys on your multi-line SIP phone


  • Use the TRANSFER button on your SIP phone to transfer a call to another extension or even to an external number

  • Add programmed fast transfer keys per ext.


  • Quickly transfer calls using the fast "blind" method without waiting to talk to the callee who is receiving the transfered call

  • Use programmed keys for faster transfers


  • Call between local extensions for free

  • Extensions can be in the same office 

  • Extensions can also be in different offices


  • Use your SIP phone's DND button to block calls and send them directly to voicemail or other distinations you define

  • Use our server-side DND feature code


  • Upload custom HD recordings to play to your callers while they're on hold

  • Upload hi quality MP3 files

  • Record special messages for your callers


  • By default, callers listen to HD classical music while on hold

  • Included music is royalty free 


  • Control your own local, public and emergency caller ID names and numbers

  • Adjustable by SIP device, user and by account 


  • Using the included feature code *3XXX, transfer your caller in any parking lot number

  • Once in a parkng lot, pikup the caller from any other SIP phone in your account


  • Use your SIP phone's programable buttons to "watch" is you co-workers' SIP phones are busy, idle or ringing

  • Use BLF keys as transfer and speeddial keys


  • Individual call parking lots can also me monitored for presense, just like another staff member's SIP device. 

  • Add parking lots to your SIP phone BLF keys


  • Enabled call forwarding to your mobile phone to work in tandem with your SIP phone

  • Accept calls on whichever device you have next to you


  • Voicemail boxes can be added for each extension

  • Voicemail boces can be shared between multiple staff and SIP phones


  • Login to the web user portal and review each of you voicemail messages

  • Search the list of messages 

  • See date and time of each message


  • By default, voicemails messages are send to your users' email addresses

  • The recording is provided as an MP3 file

  • Date, time and caller ID are included


  • Faxing over VoIP using the T.38 standard is fully supported in CloudPBX

  • Receive faxes

  • Send faxes


  • By default, faxes are send to your users' email addresses

  • Faxes are provided as PDF files

  • Date, time and caller ID are included


  • Route your callsto match specific time-of-day, day-of-week or date

  • Mix and match time patterns for flexible call routing for closed and opened hours


  • Allow your SIP phones to "float" between staff members

  • Staff can sit at any desk and login to the local available phone and their extension follows


  • Add staff members to the directory and allow callers to search by dialling by first name and last name

  • Selectively omit specific staff members


  • Using Ring Groups, you can adjust any callers to sequentially ring multiple users or SIP phones


  • Using Ring Groups, you can adjust any callers to simultaniously ring multiple users or SIP phones


  • Call parking allows you to place calls On Hold in a Parking Lot

  • Parking Lot calls can be retrieved from any other device in your account


  • Shared Line Appearance allows multiple SIP phones to see incoming calls and selectively retreive calls as they ring

  • Programmable keys allow for call pickup


  • Register SIP phones from any of your offices all while using the same account

  • Take your SIP phones with you while you travel


  • Set a local default language for audio prompts for callers and your staff

  • Change the system feedback language on a per number and per extension basis


  • All calls are logged under each staff members individual web portal page

  • Administrators can review the master logs

  • Logs are searchable


  • Calls can be selectively recorded on a per number and per extension basis

  • Recordings are emailed to an admin verified email address with an MP3 attachment


  • Allow staff to assist answering of calls ringing on other SIP phones

  • Help distribute callers to backup staff during peak busy times


  • Staff may connect mutiple devices under a single user account

  • Add a SIP phone at the main office and another at the phone office


  • Work with our developers to create custom call routing and feedback to match your specific business processes

  • Use the popular JSON data format


  • Work with our developers to create custom call routing and feedback to match your specific business processes

  • Use the popular TwiML XML data format

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