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Frequently Asked Questions. 

CloudPBX presents a major shift forward in flexible, hosted IP-PBX services, specifically tailored to ITSPs and technology support integration partners looking for a reliable and reputable partner to provide purpose-build voice infrastructure.  


Our hybrid IaaS/CaaS model allows you, our reseller partner, to mix and match the services you need to get your clients online TODAY on a national, carrier-grade, truly distributed, cloud-based business VoIP platform.  Don't waste your time with lesser solutions - we've been there, and solved those problems already. 


Please feel free to contact us with your questions if they are not answered below, we're proud of CloudPBX, and wold love to speak with you about it. 

How long has CloudPBX been online?

CloudPBX has been operational and in production since November 2011, though we first launched our SIP network in 2006.  The original CloudPBX cluster was deployed in 2 geograhical zones (Vancouver & Toronto), across 2 data centres.  CloudPBX has since expanded to 3 geographical zones (Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal), across 4 data centres.  

Can we bring our own SIP trunks & DIDs?

Definitely!  Many CloudPBX resellers already have established relationships, and contracts, with existing SIP trunk and DID providers.  More established CloudPBX resellers have their own PSTN-to-SIP points of presence, and are their own ITSPs in their own right.  Whether you use your own SIP origination & termination, or you use ours, is a choice all CloudPBX resellers are free to make. 

Can we whitelabel CloudPBX & use our own brand?


From its' inception, CloudPBX was designed to be branded for value added resellers.  As a reseller, you already have your own name & logo.  CloudPBX was designed from the start to help you complete your service offering to your clients with a reliable, 'turnkey' hosted IP-PBX service. 




How does CloudPBX ensure & verify call quality? 

Our CloudPBX cluster is under a continuous (24 hour a day, 7 days a week) call quality audit.  Each and every call placed over our cluster is analysed packet-by-packet for packet delivery timing using transmission latency and jitter analysis metrics.  We review MOS quality scores for each and every call.


Why do you use FreeSWITCH (not Asterisk)?

CloudPBX's origins lie with a team of VoIP engineers and developers with many years of experience deploying and maintaining Asterisk-based IP-PBX systems.  Asterisk has many great features, but is not yet ready to scale in the same way that FreeSWITCH can.  We're keeping an eye Asterisk's evolution!


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